The Most Popular Ford Models in Canada!

Ford's Most Popular Cars in Canada

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Over the years there have been a number of very popular Ford's, although given the companies recent troubles there are lot fewer of them now than in the past. However some of Ford's models have managed to remain popular, so here is a look at Ford's most popular cars in Canada.

Far and away the most popular Ford vehicle is the F-150. The F-150 is the classic pick up truck, it has been around for more than sixty years. It has been the best selling vehicle in North America for more than twenty years. The F-150 is a full size pick up truck that is very well designed and well built, Ford really know their pick up trucks. Even when the company was in danger of going out of business the F-150 remained a strong seller. Obviously a vehicle that has been around as long as the F-150 has been redesigned several times along the way. The current generation is the result of a major redesign in 2009 during which the truck was given a larger interior as well as a more powerful and more fuel efficient engine. There were many other updates as well, especially to the styling.

The Ford Mustang is another classic Ford that has remained popular for years. The Mustang introduced a whole new type of car, the pony car. Although it has been imitated countless times the Mustang remains the classic and it has since it was introduced in 1964. Like the F-150 the Mustang has been redesigned several times over the years. The current design is the fifth generation of the Mustang and it was introduced in 2005. The new design was actually intended to remind people of the original Mustang design from the 1960's. Of course there were updates to the engine as well as a number of new features added that have kept the Mustang up to date.

The Ford Escape has been a popular model in recent years, mainly because it appeals to a large segment of the market, a segment looking for luxury and performance but a segment that doesn't like paying too much for their car insurance. The Escape is a crossover compact SUV, there is a huge demand for these and Ford have been successful at capturing market share. Part of the reason for the success of the Escape is that it was the first SUV to be offered as a hybrid. Since then there have been several other hybrid SUV's come on the market but Ford has managed to stay out in front.

One interesting name in the list of most popular Ford cars is the Taurus. When it was first introduced it was a huge success and was the best selling mid-size car for most of the nineties. However sales declined and Ford decided to introduce a new mid-size, the Fusion and they stopped producing the Taurus. In 2010 they brought the Taurus back, this time as a full-size car. Whether they can match the popularity the Taurus had the first time around remains to be seen, they are clearly trying to take advantage of the name of a successful model.